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Introducing: The Rogue in the World of Cars and Planes.

Quite a lot has happened and the year isn’t out. Thus far, I’ve won a race, been kidnapped, used as blackmail and escaped. I’ve also come across symbols which appear on an Alethiometer. Honestly, I’m not sure why I’ve come to own one, but at least it can help me. I’m studying a group of people in a petite town, in the middle of arid lands. I believe everyone here has secrets currently unknown to my or their world. If I can write these down, they’ll be out my head so I can focus on other things.

Out of everyone, I do know one person’s full range of secrets. I trust him beyond anyone else – and I’m sure he feels the same way. I may write here about particular persons, but this is a generalised record of what we find. He and I decided to team up to investigate this meagre town and its residents. His name is Lightning Lloyd McQueen. No matter what, Lightning and I have to be a team!

By nine in this evening, the darkness had set in. Somehow, the conversation at the cafe had turned to Spiritualism, and Lightning asked me if I really was Pyschic. “Of course I am,” I replied foolishly.
“Alright then…” He was formulating a plan – a gag, a joke, a laugh – in that mind of his. “Then why don’t you contact Doc?”
“Me?! Contact Hudson…?” I was in disbelief. Could he bear to learn whether his old mentor was truly alive or dead? Could I bear to learn whether his old mentor was honestly alive or dead?
Lightning challenged, “Well, if the whole ‘I hear him on the wind’ thing is true, he’ll be alive. Right?”
“Alright then,” I muttered while deciding what would be the best way to contact Doc. I sighed, “Then get me a something to write on, and something to write with.”

With a pen held in my wheel, I glanced down at the writing pad. I mentally intoned for my subconscious to find Hudson’s conscious. If I could find him at all, then there’d be one step closer the him being alive. He did respond, and he seemed to know what was happening. I granted him temporary access to my left wheel, and allowed him to write a maximum of three sentences. However, he only wrote one, “I’m not dead.” Lightning, along with three other olde racers and Doc’s mentor, confirmed that the wheelwritting is indeed Hudson’s. Lightning also spotted an image of Doc – alive, breathing and smirking – in my pupils. I can use my pupils to project images that I am seeing or otherwise sensing. I only trust Lightning with this – our bond goes beyond the current life!