Discovering Crystals

_MCB6738One of the most interesting areas of holistic treatment are those therapies based on an understand of our dis-ease as a disturbance in our energy system. Based around the principle that our underlying ‘being’ is composed of energy vibrations and that these vibrations can be disturbed by other energy vibrations it’s argued that restoring the right vibration will bring improvements to health and wellbeing. The aura and chakras are seen as component parts of the energy system so sometimes the vibrations in these areas are balanced first to promote self-healing in the physical body. I’d like to explain one of the vibrational therapies – the use of crystals.

For many years I’ve collected stones from places I’ve visited. Then I started to look for crystals to bring home too. I wasn’t sure why certain ones attracted me or why. I felt I had to take something of that place away with me. Eventually I started to buy and sell crystals and eventually found my way to a wholesaler. Amazingly, every time I visited the wholesaler I ignored my chosen list and instead found myself picking up crystals that then turned out to be exactly what my next customer wanted. Investigating the crystals properties, researching how to use them & why, I found my way to crystal healing. Now it’s something I love to offer people.

Each type of crystal has it’s own vibration and works to balance the vibration of anyone close by. So if you work with a lot of electrical equipment (think phone, pc, tv etc) you might be getting too much electromagnetic vibrational energy. A piece of Selenite will help to balance that vibration if placed in a room or carried in your pocket or bag. If you are anxious about money, perhaps feeling that you won’t have enough, a piece of Citrine will encourage your energy field to clear that fear & be open to the flow of abundance. Perhaps you need to study for something but find it hard to focus. A piece of Fluorite on your desk will bring increased concentration & quick thinking. We all need to feel loved but some days that can be a challenge. On those days a Rose Quartz will give you a loving boost of heart energy to amplify your self-love & attract more love into your life. Finally, one of the most easily obtained crystals is Quartz. We use quartz in our watches, radios, glass – just about everywhere – and it’s one of our most abundant crystals. It’s also a fab energy cleaner and energizer. If you are feeling a bit low in energy, having trouble letting things go or feel blocked then carry a bit of quartz with you.

These are a small selection of many, many crystals that you can use yourself to balance your energy. If there are several disruptions in your vibrational energy, which might be manifesting as dis-ease symptoms, you might want to seek out an Intuitive Crystal practitioner for an assessment or therapy session. Usually they will take a brief history of the issues affecting you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. They will identify the appropriate crystals for you and create a crystal grid. This involves lying fully clothed under a blanket on a therapy bed whilst the crystals are placed around or on you. The therapist may also use one or more crystal wands to draw energy from your aura or chakras. People find this process relaxing and report feeling much better afterwards. I enjoy my work as an Intuitive Crystal practitioner and it all came from that impulse to pick up stones all those years ago. Enjoy exploring crystals for yourself!

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