Earth’s ArchAngels

IMG_0632We are now being assisted by a group of ArchAngels who have been in the shadows for thousands of years. They are stepping forward to guide, support & energise each one of us to become all that we are capable of. They bring surprises, honesty & great healing for every single person on the planet. They have chosen this point in the Earth’s Ascension process to make themselves visible so that their energies, combined with ours, will help each one of us to be of service to the global community of Spirit. Channelling though Annie Conboy and Jan Booth they offer us their wisdom, support and encouragement.

Join us in a workshop or online course in celebration of angelic energy and meet the Earth’s ArchAngels. This is not work for the faint-hearted! The Earth ArchAngels are asking you to step into your own spiritual power so that you can help spread their teachings & healing. You need to be prepared to become your authentic self by looking in the loving face of these angels & receiving their dynamic energy messages.


For more details or to book please please email us at or call 01422 846117 or 07930 282773. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter by clicking this link & sign the form.

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