Walking the Spiral’ with Annie Conboy      By Jen Doyle

As one with less connection to anything in a spiritual manner which may lie beyond this world, other than my own personal experiences and speculations, I was appreciative of the opportunity to experience and observe first-hand the work of Annie in one of her new workshops ‘Walking the Spiral’. I entered with an open mind and a curious attitude.  This immediately allowed me to broaden my perception to the concept that one can be aided in personal awareness through the therapy of spiritual realization.

The room was light with a soft atmosphere, occupied by Annie and the participant. An energy filled the room that could be described as nothing less than a pure unadulterated array of different emotions! The perimeter of the circle created on the floor was constructed of four quadrants each of which contained items. These elegantly signified the four seasons.  Candles and healing crystals were placed purposefully around the room and there was nothing to disturb the calm energy which exuded from the circle as Annie and the participant opened the circle, slowly walking around in an inwards spiral, both had a look of peaceful concentration about them. Once the spiral was opened Annie recounted what each of the four quadrants meant to her and what came to her spiritually. She allowed her experiences to provide an understanding of what It meant.

It was clear to me that after Annie had shared what the spiral had done for her, the participant’s body and energy relaxed. Soon it was clear she had allowed a flow of self-information to form from the circle. She relayed this to Annie. As an observer I could feel the energy in the room shift as the different emotions and memories passed through. It was clear that the spiral was working. Soon, hidden and repressed emotions were being brought to the surface with the aid of the elements and seasons. I decided to focus my observations on the participant as this better assisted me in watching the impact that the spiral was having. She quickly seemed allow herself to confront feelings that the spiral had opened. Annie’s contributions were outstandingly accurate to the participant. She seemed to grasp information from the spiral which unlocked something in the participant that she was unable to access herself. Which is the very aim of this amazing, and effective workshop. Towards the end of the workshop, time had been consumed in a speed which seemed to surpass reality! I watched as Annie and the participant closed the spiral and thanked the seasons for their assistance in this spiritual event.

It seemed surreal to snap back into a normal state of mind as I realised that I seemed to have been in a trance like state, completely absorbed by the spiral. The energy was still buzzing with emotion but a sense of tranquillity, peace and acceptance consumed the room. The effect the spiral had on me, despite not being a member of the workshop was evident, as I found myself considering my own seasonal memories and emotions and a sense of joy filled me to have encountered this. The participant left with a smile on her face. She felt as though she had released something, if not many things, she had been holding onto for years. She said she felt ‘free’ and in a ‘happy, emotional state’.

To say the workshop was a success was an understatement as the spiral helped all three of us in the room in different ways. So as an observer or participant , if there is conflict in your soul or you are struggling>with memories and even struggling to access memories in order to deal with them, ‘Walking the Spiral’ is a workshop which will undoubtedly help in the most spiritual of manners.

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